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3 Handouts I Give to Occupied Home Staging Clients

After every Home Staging Consultation, I leave my sellers with resources!


In addition to a completely customized Home Staging report broken down by room and priority, every seller receives a leave-behind folder with three additional handouts:


• Occupied Staging Checklist. This handout 1) lists the basic staging recommendations for each room, 2) describes our expectations on staging day should sellers opt to move forward with staging services, 3) advises sellers and agents on when to schedule professional cleaners and photographers and 4) provides detailed instructions for cleaners in case the property is scheduled to be cleaned after staging and prior to photos (not ideal, but it does happen!).


 Showing Checklist. This handout offers sellers quick tricks and tips on how to prep their home before every showing, including those last minute showing requests. This is a helpful document for both the seller and the listing agent.


• Bed Recipe. This handout teaches sellers how to properly make and style a bed from start to finish in 8 steps – with photos! – prior to professional photographs, open houses and private showings.

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