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6 Tips to Stage the Bathroom

During Home Staging Consultations, I always reiterate to sellers that the most important spaces to stage are the main living spaces (kitchen, living, dining) as well as the primary bedroom. Statistics tell us these spaces are reported to be the most important to potential buyers and make the most impact on their decision to make an offer!

But that doesn’t mean we can just forget about the other spaces…

Let’s talk about bathrooms!

During consultations, I ask sellers to transform their bathroom into a hotel bathroom… A 4- or 5- star bathroom, that is! What do they WANT to see when they walk into a hotel bathroom? What do they NOT want to see?

The bathroom serves a vital function (obviously!) making it one of the important parts of any home, but the space itself is often less than glamorous. If you want to show the bathroom in its best light, you need to go above and beyond!

Here are 6 tips to get your bathroom photo/open house/private showing ready:

1. Hide the Toiletries!

Buyers do not care what brand of shampoo you use or what type of hand cream you prefer… (Although, I do! Send me the cream you use to keep the back of your hands looking young… But, anyway…) These items are distracting and make buyers wonder more about you than the actual bathroom! Clear the sink, bath tub and showers completely!

(But I can’t NOT use my creams… I’ll age overnight!)

Of course, keep the toiletries you need to use on the daily, but store them away under the sink and in decorative baskets or boxes in an organized fashion.

2. Clean and Polish Mirrors and Other Surfaces!

This may be the most important step… It does not matter if your bathroom is dated or newly renovated, it must be sparkling clean. A dirty bathroom is a huge turn off to potential buyers… They quite literally need to be able to visualize themselves using this bathroom and they won’t want to if it’s not clean! Polish mirrors, glass and other surfaces to a high shine. Grab your glass cleaners and other supplies and make sure everything is as clean as can be. (Then put away the cleaners!)

3. Store Away the Plunger and Toilet Brush! Yuck!

Items that we keep around or near the toilet such as the plunger, toilet brush or even the trash can are an eye sore… And they’re typically dirty! Store them away for photos, open house and private showings. A decorative trash can is fine as long as it is empty.

4. Put Out Your Best Towels

Old towels or poorly arranged linens will ruin your photographs, so put out your best towels and make sure they clean, ironed and preferably a neutral color such as white or grey and centered on the towel rack or on any hooks. You want your bathroom to look fresh, crisp and clean so your towels should be, too!

5. Please, Make Sure the Toilet Seat is Down.

Potential buyers know your bathroom contains a toilet, but they do not want to be reminded of this essential piece of furniture. Make sure the toilet itself is clean and polished, with nothing on the back of the tank unless it’s a decorative plant. Also make sure the toilet seat is down before photos, open house and private showings. Bath mats should also be removed - even if they’re clean or newer, remove them.

6. Add a Potted Plant or Vase of Flowers

The bathroom can be pretty boring, so brighten up the space with a potted plant or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This finishing touch can make the bathroom look more inviting – and make the finished photographs pop since bathrooms are typically a bright white.

Be cognizant of the color scheme when choosing your plants and flowers. A bouquet featuring contrasting colors will make the photographs look even better, creating beauty and drama and hopefully drawing the eye of would-be buyers. Avoid flashy colors such as reds, organizes and purple. Go for greens and softer colors, such as light pinks and yellows.

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of any home, and you want the space to look its best. Remember: 5-Star Hotel Bathrooms!

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