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A Guide To Hanging Curtains

Window treatments in general are always a tricky state of affairs. There are so many options and so many different styles.

When it comes to home staging, my go-to is always a white sheer. Why? Because window treatments are just so personal to one’s taste that it would be impossible to appeal to the masses with anything else. A white sheer is neutral, light and airy. My goal with a sheer is to add that finishing touch to a space while still allowing as much natural light into the room as possible for professional photos.

While I prefer a white sheer, often times sellers opt to leave behind their current window treatments when they’re selling. And why wouldn’t they? They’re usually custom to the space and are no use to them at their next property.

I feel curtains sometimes get a bad rep for being fussy and old-fashioned but as long as they’re not dated and hung correctly, they can add coziness, warmth and, again, really finish off the room.

Now, let’s review how to hang:

Go Wide

Don’t buy a pole the width of your window – go longer. The reason being ideally you’d like your open curtains to only very slightly cover the window frame. If you just go the width of the window you’ll find you’re covering a lot of the glass with fabric from the open curtains blocking out the light. Let the light in! I usually aim for my pole to be about 60cm (or ~23.6 in) longer than the actual window (hanging the pole with around 30cm overlap on each side).

Hang High

The trick above makes your window appear wider than it actually it is. Therefore it makes sense that to make it look taller it’s a good plan to hang your pole high, drawing the eye up towards the ceiling. I tend to aim to put mine around 15cm (or ~5.9 in) above the window edge and adjust the length of my curtains accordingly.

Use A Template

Even if you’re using a step stool, hanging curtains means you’re reaching and your arms and hands are over your heart. It leads to decorating delirium. The worst part of hanging curtains is stepping back and realizing your rod is crooked! Avoid the frustration and use a template. Once you’ve selected the width and height of your pole on one side make a simple paper template so you can replicate on the other side of the window.

How Long

I always prefer a floor skimmer when it comes to length. Even on my standard windows I prefer to go full length rather than to the sill. You might want yours with more dramatic and luxurious pooling or easier to vacuum shorter lengths. This comes down to your preference in the end.

All the Fabric

Curtains can be expensive and it can be tempting to buy the minimum width but this can mean that when closed the curtains look a bit skimpy. I’d suggest going for a width around double the size of your curtain rod so your curtains are full and flowing.

Here’s a cheat sheet to refer to:

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