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A Small But Mighty Business... A Little Love Letter to My Clients: Thank You Your Business

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to thank all my repeat clients for their continued business. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Someone recently asked me: “What is the future of Home Staging by Abigail? How big do you want to grow?”

And the honest answer is big – but not that big. I don’t need to stage America… I don’t even need to work with every agent in MA. And honestly, my knees would give out if I tried.

There was a time in my life when I was staging 500+ properties a year… (May I remind you, there’s only 365 days in a year…) But, for what? Who am I trying to keep up with? I am a small business and proud to be so. When I was in my twenties (so, just the other day, I swear), I used to joke: “As long as I can always add guac to my order without checking my bank account, I’m a success story.”

Well, at least 22-year-old Abigail would be proud.

But in all seriousness, I recently had to sit down and redefine success for myself… And I’ve realized it’s not quantity, it’s quality.

When I look ahead to the future, my only goal is to continue offering my current clients consistency in quality… Quality customer service and quality staging.

For me, I define success the way most people do: Freedom. The freedom to grow my business as much as I choose. The freedom to work with who I want and when I want, which also includes the freedom to say “no” to businsess that isn’t the right fit. And just as importantly: The freedom to enjoy my life, family and friends… The big picture has to include down time, self care and travel. As I’ve grown the business, I’ve realized there needs to be balance because without it comes burnout… It’s important I continue to feel inspired as I tackle each and every staging project so the quality of work will continue to increase over time.

So, as we enter the holiday season and start to set new intentions for the New Year, I first challenge my clients – especially my clients who are agents – take a moment to just rest this holiday season. Take the time you need so you can jump into 2024 with bigger and better goals.

I realized something this year: Hardworking, motivated people always feel behind because they are so focused on the future and what comes next. Rarely do they stop and look back at what they’ve already accomplished.

So right here, right now, I want to stop, rest and reflect. I want to take a moment to thank my clients for working with me and trusting me with their business. Your success is my success. I am just as proud of you as I am myself. Cheers to us and all that it is to come in 2024.

Happy Holidays!

- Aby

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