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An Accessory Rental: A Project in Review

Accessory Rentals: How Do They Work?

Glad you asked! Accessory rentals always start with a Home Staging Consultation.

This service is meant for homeowners currently living in the home they are selling – which is pretty typical!

A Home Staging Consultation entails a walk-through of the entire property with the seller beginning with the exterior.

During the consultation, the seller will receive verbal advice and suggestions on how to stage their home to sell. But not to worry – they don’t have to take notes! Within 24 hours, the seller will receive a home staging report broken down by room and priority in order to complete the staging process and list the property by their goal date.

This report is tailored for those comfortable with a more “stage-it-myself approach,” as well as those who choose to move forward with an accessory and/or furniture rental.

A Condo in Quincy, MA

At this particular property, the sellers were actually out of state! They had relocated to Florida and had left some of their furniture and accessories behind. The realtor actually paid for the consultation and we worked together to relocate any items that wouldn’t work for staging to the basement and closets. (Keeping in mind that the closets still needed to remain organized and thinned out!)

Take the living room for example:

Tile flooring in a living room is always tricky! It can leave a room feeling cold and sterile. Adding a plush rug made the room feel warmer. And of course, a rug always anchors the space!

The art was swapped out and color coordinating pillows were added to the sectional.

Why remove the art? There was nothing “wrong” with the seller’s art… However, when staging a property, it’s important the art is cohesive throughout. We always recommend removing personal art and decor!

The standing lamp was relocated to the other side of the sectional to allow potential buyers to more easily access and open the nearby coat closet.

The console was emptied out and restyled.

The dining room was a bit bare!

This condo had three bedrooms, so it was important to show a dining space that could seat at least four people!

The eat-in kitchen already had a table and two chairs, but just needed some accessorizing for a more finished look!

There was an empty nook off the kitchen. One of the first rules of staging is to define and give purpose to every space… Especially those odd nooks! We don’t want potentials buyers wondering, “What in the world is that space for? What will I do with it? How do I use it?”

The addition of a styled bar cart solves this problem and answers these questions before a potential buyer even knows to ask!

On the second floor, the sellers had used one bedroom as a second living space. A good rule of staging is to revert every room back to its original purpose… Stage bedrooms as bedrooms! However, stagers have to be flexible. Because they were out of state, they were unable to return and remove everything from this room so it could be staged as a bedroom. They were also looking to list ASAP, so hiring and coordinating movers was not an option or in the budget!

Since this room could not be converted to a bedroom, modern touches were the best choice. The rug, throw pillows and lamp were swapped out and decorative baskets along with light accessories transformed this space.

One of the bedrooms on second floor also required some modern touches.

The additional of art, a rug, accessories, matching lamps and neutral bedding transformed this space; you’d never know it was the same bedroom!

The third floor was vacant but huge! We call this flex space… It has three massive closets so could certainly work as a primary bedroom, but a potential buyer could use it as an office space or play room depending on their wants and needs. Leaving it empty wasn’t an option, especially since the rest of the property was staged! I suggested a king bed set-up with an 8x10 rug and oversized art and side tables since the room could support it!

Ready to transform and list your property? Book a Home Staging Consultation today!

Abigail Halal

Owner | Founder | Home Stager

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