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Arranging Furniture at an Angle

The biggest home staging mistake…

…is arranging furniture at an angle!

I cringe every time I see this!

Angles take up a lot of square footage and often create odd pathways through rooms… Don’t do it!

Why was it EVER done?

Usually a stager will resort to this if there’s an existing angle in the room… They may be trying to highlight that feature (usually a fireplace) or the flow may simply “work better” because the architecture dictated it… There may be an offset window or a shorter wall and there’s not enough room for a standard sized sofa…

However, these rooms provide zero “wow factor.” In fact, they provide more of a, “Really? That’s the best you can do?” factor.

Angling furniture is one of the worst things you can do because it skews the perspective of a space. People do it because they think it will make the space look bigger, but it really just makes the room feel off. It’s bizarre and distracting and a completely unrealistic way to arrange furniture in a room!

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