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Can I afford to stage my home?

Often times people assume they cannot afford to stage their home… But that’s just not true!

The short answer: Yes! You can afford home staging!

Let’s talk about pricing!

Yes, there is certainly a minimum to stage:

$250 for a Home Staging Consultation

$1,500 for an Accessory Rental at an Occupied Home (Seller is living at the property amongst their own furniture and belongings!)

$2,500 for a Vacant Stage (Property is empty of all persons and furniture!)

I have minimums because my services include an in-person property view, design services (including planning, sourcing and/or pulling from inventory) delivery and set-up as well as pick-up. It’s a one time fee!

Price is dependent on square footage, number of pieces required in each room, and of course, how many spaces you are looking to furnish.

However, I always say everyone can afford a piece of staging!


Because you don’t have to stage the entire property!

I typically recommend staging the main living spaces (kitchen, living, dining) as well as the primary bedroom and bath.

Statistics tell us these spaces are reported to be the most important to potential buyers and make the most impact on their decision to make an offer!

If you have any quirky spaces that are hard to define, I recommend staging those spaces to give them purpose… Don’t leave potential buyers wondering how to best use a space. Answer questions and solve problems before they even arise!

If you have any bedrooms that are on the smaller side and perhaps it’s hard to tell if a queen bed would fit, I also recommend staging those rooms! Why? Smaller rooms actually look smaller when they’re left empty!

Since Covid, the home office is also a big deal! Many people continue to work from home and potential buyers are looking for a space to work where they can close the door so they can take a call without too much disruption! If a bedroom is on a smaller side and a queen bed will not fit, I recommend staging at least one of those rooms as an office space.

While some clients opt to stage the entire property for a more finished look, just know it’s not required.

When the budget is tight, it’s perfectly fine and just as effective to stage just those few essential spaces.

And remember, most sellers who stage see an even bigger return on their investment! For less than 1% of your home’s current value, you can see up to a 10% increase in your selling price. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

There are so many benefits to staging:

  • Helps potential buyers visualize the size of a room and how many furniture pieces will fit!

  • Helps remedy an awkward room layout!

  • Makes a home appear updated without major renovation!

  • Detracts attention from flaws!

Interested in seeing a quote for staging services? I am able to provide an accurate quote after viewing floor plans and photos/videos of your property - even old listing photos will work as long as no major renovations have been done!


Contact me below:

Cell: 617.519.9133 (Call or Text)

Instagram: @stagedbyabigail

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