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Do real estate agents pay to stage your home?


Let’s talk about WHO pays for home staging services... A frequently asked question by sellers and (sometimes) a heated topic amongst realtors!

While most of my clients are brokers, realtors and developers, sellers also frequently reach out directly for staging services. Sometimes they were encouraged to reach out by their broker or listing agent. Other times, they learned about home staging through a family member, friend or neighbor.

It’s not uncommon for a seller to ask me: “Do real estate agents pay for staging? Should I pay for staging? Do you know any agents who will pay for staging?”

I always answer sellers honestly! So here it is:

Some agents outright refuse to pay for staging… They’ll recommend home stagers, which means they value the service, but ultimately leave it up to the sellers to decide if they want to move forward and cover the cost of staging. These agents have shared they feel it’s the job of the stager to pitch and sell their services! These agents feel they’re working for commission and should not have to cover additional costs to prep the property for sale.

Many agents offer to pay for consultations, especially if they’re selling an occupied property or a vacant property that needs some updating! If the seller opts to move forward with staging services, the seller is expected to cover the cost (accessory rentals start at $1,500 for a 30-day rental, while vacant stages start at $2,500 for a 30-day rental). Sometimes, agents will pay for staging upfront, but ask sellers to reimburse them at the time of closing.

Some agents offer to pay for all staging services, including consultations, occupied and/or vacant properties as part of their marketing package if you list their home with them (and usually pay a certain broker fee).

These agents have shared they see the value in staging and know they’ll see a huge return on their investment as it will increase the selling price, and in return, they’ll receive a higher commission. After all, when it comes to the sale of a property, the cost of staging is just a drop in the bucket. (For less than 1% of your home’s current value, you can see up to a 10% increase in your selling price… Who doesn’t love the sound of that?)

These agents also shared they get more business by covering the cost of staging as part of their package, as well as from word of mouth.

So, sellers, there you go! Yes, some brokerages and/or agents will cover some (or all) of the cost of staging… My advice? If you want them to pay for staging, don’t be stingy with the broker fee!

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