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Happy American Business Women’s Day!

It's American Business Women’s Day!

Now (and more than ever before) women are gaining the confidence to become entrepreneurs and business owners in this country.

Last year alone nearly 50% of all new startup businesses in America were female owned… Amazing! Just think back to the early days of the pandemic when we were all trying to navigate a new way of life… This number did not seem possible!

It’s a testament to our strength and resilience. Women can push through obstacles and continue to find ways to provide for themselves and their families no matter the circumstances.

To the many female entrepreneurs and business women I am lucky to know, I hope you take a moment to just sit, be proud of yourself and really reflect on the contributions and achievements of the millions of women in the workforce.

Also, consider the impact of millions of female business owners in this country. The day really brings together businesswomen of diverse occupations. The opportunity provides insight into platforms and inspirational ways for women to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally.

Here’s to the women who work hard and take risks… The sky is the limit for us 💪🏻

We are making history ladies...

...and, more importantly, we are living the dreams of our mother’s and grandmother’s and setting positive examples for young women who are driven to become leaders themselves. We are paving the way for next generation of female professionals.

I’ll take it! I mean honestly, I’ll take ANY excuse to celebrate and order sushi for dinner 🍣

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