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Home Staging Presentations for Agents

Are you having a tricky time convincing your sellers to stage?

I get it! The sellers JUST signed the listing agreement and they already made a comment about your “high” commission… (As if you don’t work hard and deserve every penny.)

NOW you have to introduce your sellers to this new concept of home staging and convince THEM to pay for it!

As an agent, you know it’s in everyone’s best interest to stage - but you’re not sure how to convince them and you certainly don’t want to pay for it! I get it! Why should you? You’re already working for commission…

And now you’re up against those super successful, multiple-closings-a-month, full-service agents who DO pay for staging services… Or their broker pays or there’s a program that covers the cost! How do you compete with that?

Well, you can! You just need to learn how to introduce staging services in such a way that a seller will feel foolish for ever THINKING of skipping such an important step in the listing process… Education is key!

Let’s chat! Or better: Invite me into your office for a presentation!

I’ll not only tell you about my services, pricing and share some before and after photos, but I’ll present you with some proven home staging statistics that you can turn around and share with your doubting sellers.

And more importantly: We’ll talk about sellers and their common misconceptions on home staging

You may have tried to suggest staging services - even went out of your way to get them a few quotes to consider - only to hear:

“Oh no! Am I buying the furniture!? Home staging is too expensive!”

“We don’t need home staging… Our home has been professionally decorated.”

“We don’t need a stager to declutter and clean.”

“We can’t have the house staged while we’re living here!”

“Let’s just wait and see what happens… We can always stage later if we need to.”

“What’s the point? Staging won’t fix all the problems.”

“Why do I need to stage? Won’t my house sell eventually?”

I’ll share how I educate sellers and respond to these common misconceptions so you’re better prepared in the future!

Contact me today!

Phone: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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