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How do accessory rentals work? What is the process?

How do accessory rentals work? What is the process?

So glad you asked!

Accessory rentals are ideal for occupied properties! When we say “occupied,” we mean the sellers are living at the property amongst all their furniture and personal belongings.

Accessory rentals always start with a Home Staging Consultation!

A Home Staging Consultation includes a walkthrough of the entire property with the seller... But no need to take notes! The sellers will receive a detailed home staging report with our recommendations, broken down by room.

We always do our best to utilize a seller’s current pieces, but sometimes supplemental items are recommended. (Always optional!)

Along with the report, the sellers will receive a quote. The quote will list in detail what we plan to bring for each space!

Sellers are encouraged to send progress photos… And they are more than welcome to ask questions along the way!

Staging day can be really overwhelming for sellers. For that reason, we typically greet sellers on staging day and encourage them to leave the property while we stage; it only takes a few hours to accessorize a property! Stagers move quickly and methodically… Watching furniture and stacks of bins filled with accessories and greenery and bags and bags of soft goods enter the property all at once is a lot!

Then reveal time! We walk the seller(s) through each staged space and educate them on how to live around staging so they’re always ready for showings!

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