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Home Staging Detracts Attention from Flaws

Home staging offers a plethora of benefits!

Staging helps potential buyers visualize the size of a room and how many furniture pieces will fit. It helps remedy an awkward room layout, makes a home appear updated without major renovation and detracts attention from flaws.

Take this living room for example…

The previous renters who occupied this property owned a bulky sofa set that reclined. Unfortunately, it took a toll on the wall…

While I always recommend patching and painting, sometimes it’s just not in the budget! And if painting is not in the budget, neither is major renovation.

If a potential buyer were to walk into this space when it was vacant, they’d see a living room in need of a paint job with cold, tile floors… Yikes!

But this is when home staging serves one of it’s many purposes!

Take a look at this before and after...

The right rug makes this room feel cozy! As do the knit poufs! Suddenly a tiled living room floor isn’t such an issue…

Yes, the walls still need to be patched and painted, but now that the room is staged, the walls are not the first (and only) thing a potential buyer sees…

The idea is not to trick or deceive, but to show potential buyers what could be! We are not covering the tile floors completely or hiding the peeling paint behind oversized art or plants… We’re incorporating art, furniture, accessories and greenery so the space appears updated without major renovation and detracts attention from flaws.

Everything in this space is attainable… A potential buyer could easily replicate this exact space! The overall design is easily obtainable and within reach regardless of budget.

Are you listing a property that has some flaws or dated spaces? Book a Home Staging Consultation to learn how staging can show every space in its best light.

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