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Introducing Home Staging to Clients: 3 Tips for Real Estate Agents

Home Staging is an upfront investment to maximize the rate of return on the sale of a property.

Here are tips on how to introduce home staging to clients.

1 Introduce the option to stage during your first interactions with the client.

If mentioned later, owners may feel they’ve wasted weeks or months of time. Avoid the, “Why didn’t we learn about this sooner?” conversation. Protect yourself! If seller’s refused staging services and now it’s time to drop the price of the property, they cannot blame you… You gave them all the advice and information and they did not take it.

2 Clarify it’s NOT interior design.

Home staging is about marketing. It’s about showcasing the space so potential buyers understand the value. It’s NOT about what furniture or accessories the seller’s prefer or would like to see.

3 Remember YOU are the expert! Educate sellers! Explain the benefits!

Regardless of who is paying for staging services, it’s ultimately up to the sellers if the property will be staged. It’s the seller’s decision and they can only make a decision with the information they have in front of them. Remember you’re the expert! Show them YOU know the tips and tricks to sell this property quickly and for top dollar! Educate sellers on the benefits of staging. Statistics tell us staged homes sell faster and for more money. The cost of staging is a drop in the bucket compared to the sale of the property… Give them options to make it feel more affordable. Offer to cover the cost of staging upfront and have them reimburse you at closing.

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