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Introducing the Design-to-Sell Package for Investors, Flippers and Developers

May I borrow an hour of your time?


Allow me to help you with those big design decisions.


The Design-to-Sell Package is $500 and ideal for investors, flippers and developers looking to create a quick and profitable sale.


Often times, they know where to source, but they don’t know what to source. This package is ideal for those who need help narrowing down choices. It’s also ideal for those who feel confident they can source materials independently, but just want a little confidence with direction… Without the hefty fees of an interior designer.


The package includes a walk-through of the entire property where we will discuss the client’s specific design needs. I will then follow-up with mood boards with all my recommendations, broken down by room. Mood boards are custom and dependent on the client and their property… They can include paint colors, flooring, cabinetry, knobs and pulls, stone and tile, lighting, vanities, etc. We can start from scratch or work with what you already have, including items you may have already sourced for your project.


As a professional home stager, my job requires me to follow current design trends that appeal to the masses… Your target buyer! It’s not about what I like – or even what you like – it’s about what the masses like, and what they like right now.


The biggest challenge with design is making each space feel a bit different and unique in style, while also feeling cohesive throughout.


Let’s walk through a more recent example…


A local flipper recently asked for design assistance specifically in the kitchen, baths and a laundry room that also seconded as a mud room.


Take a look at the mood board below… It features flooring, cabinetry, pulls, stone, tile and vanities for the entire property. It’s important to look at all these options together to confirm the design feels cohesive.

 And now we break them down by room… Looking at each space individually allows us to move onto the next step and narrow down the smaller design finishes, including hinges, doorknobs, mirrors, faucets, etc. (When you start with “the bigs,” it makes selecting “the smalls,” much easier and therefore, more efficient.)

Think you could benefit from the Design-to-Sell Package? It recently came in handy for sellers interested in listing this Spring but wanted to first make some thoughtful upgrades so they could list for a higher sale price!


Contact me today to get started!

Cell: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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