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No one wants your “3 bed/2 bath”

Listen: No one wants your “3 bed/2 bath” - no one cares. Literally, no one CARES. The key word here is cares. “3 bed/2 bath” does not elicit any feelings of emotion, especially feelings of care.

“3 bed/2 bath”

That’s not good marketing… It’s actually barely marketing. People don’t buy THINGS, they buy the way things make them FEEL.

It’s called lifestyle marketing.

Buyers are looking for MORE than just “3 bed/2 bath” - they’re looking for...

  • a kitchen where they can make family recipes

  • a home office where they can grow their business and still be there when the baby wakes up

  • a backyard where they can sit around a bonfire with their friends

  • a basement with a video projector so they can have cozy movie nights together

The posted photo for this blog was from a stage a couple years ago… The gorgeous, large, level and very private backyard was a huge selling feature. It was just after Labor Day… You know, that long weekend known for outdoor family BBQs. My client not only received multiple offers over asking that first weekend, but the buyers also wanted to purchase the Adirondack chairs and the fire pit… I told them they could also have the box of graham crackers, bag of marshmallows and the chocolate candy bars I left behind in the kitchen.

Lifestyle marketing is the one thing that can make your home stand out among the rest, because most agents don’t use this strategy! Most agents revert to “3 bed/2 bath”

Here’s how you can apply lifestyle marketing to your listing:

+ make a thoughtful top 10 list of reasons you love your home (beyond what the listing will tell them)

+ hire a professional and stage your home with items that support that desired lifestyle (you know, that corner bedroom window that makes for a perfect reading nook)

+ market your listing accordingly (make sure your home is professionally photographed!)

These seemingly small touches make a BIG impact on potential buyers! It’s the best strategy to sell quickly and for top dollar!

There’s a reason you initially fell in love with your home… Let’s help A LOT of potential buyers see why!

Ready to stage? Contact me today.

Cell: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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