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Real Estate Agents: Home Staging Consultations are a great add-on to your business!

Home Staging Consultations are a great add-on to a real estate agent’s business!


You’ll set yourself apart from the competition… You will be providing an additional service to sellers that other agents may not offer! It could help you win the listing! Perhaps even be that one thing that makes you stand out compared to other agents… As you know, it’s not uncommon for sellers to meet and consider listing with a few agents!

Partnerships with pros make you look like a pro. Be a resource to your sellers! A good agent can sell a property but a great agent has a list of professionals they trust who can help sellers with painting, flooring, landscaping, cleaning, staging, etc. so the property will sell quickly and for a higher price point.

Most importantly, you’ll build a good rapport and maintain a positive relationship with your sellers… It’s challenging to advise sellers to make changes to and in their home without offending them. Don’t rub your sellers the wrong way! Bring in a professional home stager who has experience speaking with sellers on prepping their home to sell. An experienced stager knows the importance of educating sellers on why we make certain changes so they’re fully informed and on board with the process!

Ready to stage? Contact me today.

Phone: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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