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Staging a Vacant Property: The Process for Clients

Here is an easy break down of the vacant staging process for clients. We try to make the staging process as easy and seamless as possible!

It starts with a quote!

Need a quick quote to share with your sellers? I am able to provide an accurate quote after viewing photos and/or videos of your property - even old listing photos will work as long as no major renovations have been done! We just need the full address and an idea of how many spaces you’re looking to stage… Something we can certainly discuss and we’ll share our professional recommendations!

After quote approval comes a brief property view!

It’s important to see the property in person so we can take additional photos and measurements for planning purposes. We pride ourselves on attention to detail! (We may ask questions about items that are staying or going like curtain rods, mounted pot racks in the kitchen or a TV mount on the wall.) It’s also important to see how we’ll plan to access the property on install day as not all sofas are created equal! Some sofas need be able to break down into multiple pieces depending on property type.

And finally schedule an install day! Remember to have the property professionally cleaned and put on lockbox prior to install!

During our busy season, we’re typically booked about two weeks out. Although it never hurts to ask if we have sooner availability as projects do occasionally get pushed out… (Looking at you new construction!) A signed home staging agreement and a deposit reserves your install on our calendar. We’ll arrive during a window of time on install day and we do ask to be alone on site during install so we can stay focused on the design process. You can schedule photos any time the following day as we leave you photo ready!

Questions about the vacant home staging process?

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