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Staging and Safety

Staging and Safety

It’s a blog post I’ve always put off writing because I don’t want those reading to think I see the worst in people!

But, these are topics that either come up - or I bring them up - at every Home Staging Consultation. It’s important!

I recently staged a property and the seller had a beautiful walk-in closet filled with expensive jewelry and designer shoes. She was so excited to get it staged! After all, to get top dollar, we want this closet to scream luxury, right?

Well, yes and no.

I mean, YES to top dollar but there is a way to stage a space so it feels luxurious without displaying all our valuables.

Remember: We are staging to appeal to the masses… Which quite literally means we want a massive amount of people to come through this property!

Be safe! Be smart!

I advised this particular seller to pack-up her jewelry and thin out her shoe closet… I wanted her to know exactly what shoes were going to be on display. Any any designer shoe boxes? Pack up the shoes and leave behind the empty boxes!

Here are my go-to safety staging rules that I always make sure to mention at Home Staging Consultations:

▪️Remove all knives from the kitchen counters. (Because an open house is an invitation for literally anyone to enter your home… This keeps your agent safe.)

▪️Remove all jewelry and watches. Small things are easy for someone to pocket.

▪️Remove all small electronics. (Again, small things are easy to pocket. It would be very hard for someone to walk out with your T.V. or stereo system… But there’s a reason we stage with prop laptops!)

▪️Remove all medications and prescription drugs.

▪️If you have an area of your home with a shared family calendar that states names, locations and/or appointments, wipe it clean! This not only protects the identify of your family, but keeps strangers from knowing dates and times that you may be traveling or have appointments that take you out of the house for an extended period of time.

▪️If you have child or teen bedrooms, remove anything that mentions their names (wall names, trophies, metals, etc.) No one needs to know the names of your children or any activities or sports they participate in!

Just keep yourself, your family and your valuables safe! Oh, and your agent!

Ready to book a Home Staging Consultation? Reach out today!

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