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Staging Tips and Tricks: Furniture with Legs

You may have noticed that home stagers tend to use mid-century modern furniture pieces when they stage and wondered why…

Home stagers don’t tend to favor any particular style of furniture. Rather, a stager who owns their own inventory will make sure to have a variety of styles. A good stager selects furniture that will work with the style of the home, not furniture that speaks to their personal preference or style.

But there is something to be said about mid-century furniture pieces as the furniture tends to sit on legs a few inches off the floor.

These furniture pieces allow a potential buyer’s eye to travel and see under the furniture, creating an illusion that there’s more space and square footage.

For this reason, midcentury pieces work best in small apartments and condos.

Take this 857 sqft condo, for example:

The previous owners had a bulky, oversized couch and love seat set. (I honestly wonder how they got this set into the unit at all!)

I’m sure these pieces were so comfortable in real life… Perfect for lounging and eating pop corn in front of a movie. However, they’re not ideal for staging. They make the room feel cramped and smaller than it actually is.

Here is the room staged in a similar layout. I also chose to use a matching sofa and love seat.

The difference is the legs! The furniture is lifted off the ground and again, we’re able to see the floors and when our eye can travel continuously, the room appears spacious!

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