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The Bar Stool Buying Guide

The Bar Stool Buying Guide: A how-to on determining the right height for your bar stools!

Ever bought a barstool on a whim and returned home just to find it doesn’t quite fit? It may seem tricky, but no matter how you measure, these tips will help you make sure you pick the perfect fit the first time and save a return trip. 

Step 1: Measure Your Counter or Bar

  • Before you head to the store or begin browsing online, measure the height from the floor to the top of the counter or bar.

  • Measure twice for accuracy!

Pro-Tip: Picking the Right Height if You Forgot to Measure (And You’re Already In-Store in Front of the PERFECT Bar Stools):

  • Picture your kitchen. Envision yourself standing at the sink and where on your body the counter hits you.

  • For someone who is 5’ 7”, the top of a counter will hit at about the hipbone and the top of a bar will hit at about the waist.

Step 2: Pick Your Stools in Store or Online

  • Take the height of your bar or counter and subtract 10”, giving you the best height for your barstool, allowing you to sit comfortably, with or without your legs crossed.

  • Measure the barstool you’ve got your eye on from the floor to top of the seat.

Now, see if it’s the right size for your home:

Pro-Tip: When measuring a barstool, stop at the top of the seat! Don't count the chair back when measuring the height of your stool.

As a General Rule:


  • Counter Stools tend range from 24” to 26”.

  • Bar Stools tend to range from 27” - 31”.

  • “Adjustable Stools” typically range from 24” - 31” and fit both bar and counters!

Pro-Tip: Does your counter or bar see a lot of traffic? Consider purchasing an oversized barstool. They come in both counter and bar heights, but are commercial grade with bigger seats and a higher weight capacity. 

Bonus: How Many Barstools Do You Need?

How to Measure Width:

  • Ensure there are 28” between the centers of each barstool.

  • There should also be 14” between the center of the last stool and the edge of the bar.

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