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What Can A Home Staging Consult Do For You? Take A Look at Before-and-Afters

Curious what a home staging consultation can do for you?

Take a look at these before-and-after photos… Below is the the feedback I gave the sellers in their custom Home Staging Report after reviewing their original listing photos:


• Remove valences. Window treatments are a very personal touch. Buyers may walk in and either love them or hate them! The idea is to appeal to the masses. Best to remove them for a more neutral look which will also allow in more natural light.

• Remove plates from walls. If concerned about holes in the wall and there’s no time to patch and paint, perhaps rehang in a way that they closer to each other/more centered on the wall while still covering the previous nail holes. (I am happy to take care of this on staging day with permission.)

• Great job clearing the surfaces… But decluttering is just the first step! A few accessories on the counters will make the space feel more homey and may help a buyer visualize themselves living in and using the space! (That’s the goal!) Accessories can also make a space feel more updated without major renovation.

• It looks like a set of knives were left the counters… When prepping your home to sell, always remove weapons (even those every day kitchen knives), prescription pills and valuables such as jewelry or even designer shoes, purses, etc. from the property. You just never know who may pop in during an open house. We want to believe everyone who enters - or viewing the listing online - is a potential buyer but you can never be too careful. I have an entire blog post about staging and safety if interested!

• Potential buyers have provided some negative feedback about a slight slant in the  kitchen floors. I’m sorry! It’s always hard to hear anything negative about your home. Unfortunately, this is common in older properties. We can’t “hide” this problem nor is it good practice to hide to fail to disclose problems, but a runner in the kitchen may detract attention away from this minor flaw. Accessories on the counter will also help!

Home Staging by Abigail brought in a runner and countertop accessories.


• Consider removing the Peloton. The first rule of home staging is to revert every space back to its original purpose. Unfortunately, this sends a message to buyers that you don’t have a designated space to exercise. (And this may be true, and that’s fine, but just don’t draw attention to this fact!)

• Consider a larger table and more dining chairs. Does this table happen to have another leaf or matching dining chairs? During this time of year, hosting is at the forefront of everyone’s mind… If the space allows, show off seating for at least 6!

• The sellers did a great job decluttering the space! They completely cleared out the built-in hutch and buffet. But decluttering is just the first step of staging… Perhaps a few things could have been left behind. Right now, the space feels a bit bare and sterile… A few accessories and some greenery will warm up the space and make it feel a bit more homey and inviting. Decluttering and accessorizing can be a tricky balance! (How much is too much, too little or just right?)

Home Staging by Abigail brought a centerpiece for the dining table and accessories for the built-in hutch and buffet.


• Remove the 5x7 rug as it makes the space feel smaller than it actually is… An 8x10 rug would fit this space so much better!

• Turn the chaise sofa so the back is under the window. I understand it’s ideal to sit and face the T.V. However, when a potential buyer opens the front door, they are walking right into the back of a sofa and it can make the space feel a bit closed off and tighter/smaller than it actually is… Remember this is their first impression as they enter the property. Situated under the window, the chaise may block the console a bit, but I think it’s a better layout for photos and showings. Ideally, if we could, we would bring in a smaller console or perhaps a standard sofa (not a chaise) with two accents chairs for the most ideal set-up that would allow traffic flow as well as maximum seating, but I understand that may be too much to edit especially since the sellers are still occupying the property and lack last-minute storage options.

• Remove throw pillows from sofa.

• Remove pink curtains. Window treatments are a very personal touch. Buyers may walk in and either love them or hate them! The idea is to appeal to the masses. I always recommend a simple white sheer as it is neutral, softens the space and still allows in natural light.

• Remove smaller art pieces. As you can see from the photos, smaller pieces do not photograph well.

Home Staging by Abigail brought in an 8x10 rug, soft goods, sheers and some accessories and greenery to freshen up the space.

Ready to book a Home Staging Consultation? Reach out today!

Cell: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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