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When choosing a home stager, consider a RESA® accredited professional.

Attention Real Estate Agents: Regardless of market conditions, you want your listings sold quickly and with as little hassle for your sellers as possible. Successful real estate agents are adding another item to their to-do lists when marketing a property: Professional Home Staging. They realize that an inviting, move-in-ready home is an integral part of their overall marketing plan.

The housing market has shifted and unfortunately sellers still think it is an "anything sells" market. However, we can no longer operate on the "send it out there and it will sell" mindset. More importantly than ever, we need to effectively coach sellers through the process of presenting their homes and home staging is a big part of that process!

When choosing a home stager, consider a RESA® accredited professional like myself.

What is RESA®?

RESA® stands for the Real Estate Staging Association. It was formed in April 2007 by a group of 600 real estate home stagers and several home staging training providers with a desire to advance excellence and professionalism in the real estate staging industry by forming the industry’s first trade association. At that time, there were no independent, non-profit trade associations that focused on the needs of all stagers regardless of their designations and training. This is still true today. The founding members saw a need for neutrality and diversity: an organization to support all stagers regardless of the designations they held and to represent the industry in its entirety. Since day one, all members and corporate partners have agreed to unify and lead the industry through self-regulation by following a code of ethics and supporting RESA’s mission.

The RESA® Mission

Advancing professionalism and excellence in real estate staging by creating industry standards in order to maximize profit potential for consumers and industry professionals.

The RESA® Vision

An industry where high standards are well-established and practiced universally, and the use of professional staging is standard practice when selling real estate.

Members of RESA® are required to conduct their professional business in a manner that shows respect for clients, colleagues, fellow members, business vendors and the profession. 

Members agree to uphold the Code of Ethics, bylaws, mission and vision of RESA®.

Questions? Do not hesitate to reach out!

Home Staging services include consultations, accessory rentals, vacant and luxury stages!

Phone: 617-519-9133 (Call or Text)

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