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“Why do you charge so much for accessories? You’re not even bringing furniture!”

It’s a fair and common question so let’s dive in!

AND, to clarify, an accessory stage at an occupied home CAN include furniture.

But, anyway, the answer is: It’s MUCH more work and SO very risky!

It’s much easier and faster to plan a vacant space whereas at an occupied property, we’re working with a seller’s current pieces! It’s a lot more work on the design side… Very time consuming!

It’s also risky! Sellers are living around the staging and they’re expected to return the staging in the same condition in which it was dropped off… New! (They’re just renting it after all!) But accidents happen… Especially with small children and pets. Actually, teenagers, too! And despite what that home staging agreement says, no one likes to pay cleaning or replacement fees!

All inventory must be kept in new condition so we can continue to deliver quality to every paying client… Inventory also travels from occupied property to occupied property and we need to be considerate of every seller! Rugs and soft goods are the trickiest to keep clean and they MUST be kept clean because what if that rug travels into an occupied home where a seller has a severe pet allergy?

Every rug and soft good that returns from an occupied property (especially one with pets!) is thoroughly deep cleaned either here on site or by a third party before it is returned to inventory… Vacuumed and deodorized! I even like to roll up my rugs with downy linen sheets to keep them smelling fresh! (A little life hack for your linen closet!)

Have more questions? Reach out!

Also, share your cleaning hacks below. (Trust me, I want to know!) Lately my secret weapon for spot treating rugs is Folex!

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