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Luxury Staging: Common Questions Answered

What is Luxury Home Staging?

Luxury Home Staging is a specific niche with a targeted lifestyle approach. It is more than just decluttering, depersonalizing and working with the furniture readily available to you… Luxury staging has that “Wow!” factor that leaves you breathless and makes it hard to look away.

What makes a property “luxury?”

Real estate is considered “luxury” when it features a prime location, expensive price, large size, valuable materials, expert design, high-end amenities and prestigious history. Typically, luxury real estate is valued within the top 10% of properties on the local market.

Why do these luxury properties require a different niche of staging?

When you look at the market, luxury properties are uniquely different than anything else on the market… Luxury staging is custom in the sense it strives to highlight those unique features rather than hide a property’s flaws.

Is the inventory different?

Absolutely. It has to be. As luxury stagers, we do not bring in just any furniture. Our inventory is a precisely curated collection of pieces and often times pieces are specifically sourced for projects with enough time and notice. The staging process requires not only the eye and experience of a professional home stager, but the background and knowledge of an interior designer. Our interior designer - Morgan Wigden of Morgan Wigden Design Co. - is an expert at sourcing luxury pieces and has done so for years for developers, flippers and AirBnb owners.

Can I request luxury staging even though my property doesn’t necessarily qualify as luxury?

Absolutely! Luxury staging helps your property stand out and get noticed. As long as your budget allows, we are happy to deliver luxury staging to any property but it must be vacant and “stage ready” prior to install - meaning all construction has wrapped up, tools and any tripping hazards removed from the premises and the property has been professionally cleaned top to bottom. We install alone on site and cannot work around construction or cleaners.

Do you consider yourself a luxury stager?

Yes and no. I consider myself a stager for the people - all people. I own all of my inventory and choose to own a variety of pieces. I am able to stage properties of any age, size, style and price point.

What is the price point for luxury?

We believe everyone should be able to benefit and afford a piece of home staging - including luxury staging. While vacant properties typically start a $2,500, luxury properties start at $4,500. However, we understand the buyer pool for higher price points is smaller and more specific. Therefore, the lease terms for a luxury stage are much longer at 120 days rather than the typical 30, 60 or even 90 day leases we offer throughout the year depending on season and repeat business.

What is the timeline and turnaround time?

The sooner the better as we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We only take on so many projects a month and we are typically booked 2-3 weeks out and sometimes longer depending on the season.

However, if you’re interested in luxury home staging, we recommend bringing us in during the design process as our interior designer - Morgan Wigden of Morgan Wigden Design Co. - can assist with the selection of cabinets, hardware, countertops, lighting, flooring, etc. We have the knowledge, background and experience to create completely unique and custom designs to get your property noticed. If you ask us for a paint color suggestion, we are not going to just tell you Agreeable Gray because it is everyone’s go to color. Your property is uniquely different and should stand out - not blend in.

We are not only professional home stagers and interior designers, we are experienced agents. If you list with us, we'll most likely stage your property at a discount, if not for free.

Have a project in mind you'd like to discuss? Do not hesistate to reach out:

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